Thursday, August 18, 2005

Not enough walks!

After days of no leash sightings, The Boy took some protest action last night. DogMommy was at church - again, without me; what's that about? - and The Alpha was on the phone for a verrry lonnng time. So, The Boy decided he'd play with the padding in the dog bed. And by "play," I mean reach into the spot where the seam has come apart and tear out the foam in various sized chunks, gleefully carrying it throughout the house. Whoo, he's really good at subversive action. But, apparently the phone thingy was really important, because The Alpha only took one break for a scolding. DM came home while he was still talking and deposited a great many foam chunks in the trash can with the lid. Translation: no more playing with that, thankyouverymuch. And The Boy didn't get to sleep on what was left of the bed last night, either. No matter; he crawled underneath their bed and had a fine time playing CaveDog.

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