Friday, April 14, 2006

Hey there, Flyboy...

Okay, so The Boy can jump. Leap, even. We know this. But last week he started flinging himself up in the air any time a ball was thrown, and not necessarily in the direction of said ball. Just general flinging. It was quite silly, actually.

So, in an effort to encourage directed flinging, The Alpha and The Typist starting tossing around that round rope thing with the cloth in the middle. They call it a Frisbee(tm), but I'm pretty sure that's copyright infringement going on right there in the backyard. No matter; The Boy is chasing after it, leaping for the catch, and then trying to make noise with the squeaky thing in the middle as he brings it back for another throw.

Me? Well, I'm not really supposed to jump like that. Sometimes I demand some tug-of-war with it, or they'll toss me low-hanging Frisbees so my feet don't have to leave the ground, but mostly I just chew on a stick. Mmmmm, stick!

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