Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wet and cool

I kept hearing about Wet and Cool from the thumb-havers after they got back from the whole not-being-here thing (Alaska, they call it). Well, yesterday we finally got some Wet, and compared with what the temperature has been like lately, we also got Cool, too!

It was so refreshingly Cool, we finally got to go on a w-a-l-k (I'm six, I can spell...). Funny thing, though -- even though it was Cool and the rain wasn't falling from the sky anymore, we wound up feeling kinda wet anyway. Humidity, they call it.

But, I didn't let the rain go and drizzle on my muzzle. (Thanks for the advice, Trout Fishing in America).

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ColbyJack and Feta said...

We also got some wet and cool, we got to play in the wet stuff and we love it!! Anything that is wet, is fun to us! The cool feels good also. Amy says that it should 'hopefully' get cooler soon. We are all looking forward to that!