Friday, February 15, 2008

Scout gave me an award!

My friend Scout gave me this award! Isn't it nice of her? I've always thought I was special, but it's nice to know others think so, too.

And another cool thing about this award is that I get to share it! So I give the So Special Award to Zorra and Amie, and Princess Mindy (who got some wonderful PantiPalooza publicity this week), and Spooky, a cat who has started coming by to visit my blog lately. (I'm not very good with cats in real life, so I try to be extra-nice to them on my blog.)

I made The Typist help me give out my awards before she left this morning for a very long day. I don't like it when she's gone for very long days, especially when it's supposed to be her work-from-home day, where she sits at the computer and I come up and she pets me. And I hear tomorrow will be another very long day away from me, too. I don't know what it means to interview candidates for bishop, or what a bishop even is, but it seems like it probably won't be much fun if The Typist can't hang out with dogs while she's doing it. I'm just sayin'.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Thank you so very very much!

You are very special to me too!

Spooky said...

Oh, thank you, Cub! I really do appreciate that you're so nice to me on your blog. The only d-o-g I've ever met in real life is Eve, and she has big teeth and makes me run under the bed.

I think you're a very special d-o-g!

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Hello Dogblogger...I just stopped by because Spooky has given me an award, she says you gave it to her and I just had to see about this D.O.G. who gives awards to C.A.T.S.

I must say, you are an unusual and very intelligent dog, and obviously quite sensitive too...I enjoyed reading a little bit on your blog. I think I may even add you to my sidebar, if you agree?

Maybe you'd like to visit my blog now and then too....I don't know if there is much to interest a DOG such as yourself, but perhaps.

In friendship,
Miss Kitty

Songbird said...

Your mama is doing very important work when she pets you, Cub; too bad people have to do other work, too.

zorra said...

Thank you so much! Mama and I really appreciate it, because we think you and the Typist are very special too.

I'm sorry you were alone today. Friday is supposed to be Mama's work-at-home day too, but she was gone all day. Mama thinks getting to interview a candidate for bishop sounds interesting, though.


Rowan The Dog said...

This is a real great award, isn't it? I got one too and it made me feel like a big dog, I'll tell you what.

Listen, I told Lindy about your wish to be in the newspaper and she put up a special post for you and The Boy. Sorry The Boy had to be in it. I know you have seniority and everything... You know how the humans can be though.

Love you baby,

Diane said...

glad you gave at least one of your awards to a cat, Cub!

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

OK, you are special. Even if you are an og-day.

And I don't like it when my staff go away for the day. Today GoG was gone a LOT (and usually Monday is my day to sit beside her feet and keep them warm.) And String Plucker was gone ALL weekend and she went to bed and didn't even PET me.

I don't like it when my peeps are gone for long days.

Glad to know you are doing OK. GoG says we have to pray for everyone... so I guess that means a cat has to pray for an og-day.

The Shadow Princess