Thursday, July 21, 2005

Paying attention pays off!

So, DogDaddy came over to the computer to show DogMommy the huge holes in the slices of bread, where there was an air bubble in the dough. First he held it up to his eye and looked through it, then he held it out for DM to see, and I spotted my chance. Lithe and swift, I made a small but graceful half-leap and claimed about half of the slice of bread being held at waist-height and arm's length. "Son of a bitch!" said DD, and DM quietly reminded him that I'm the daughter of a bitch, and a bitch myself, for that matter.

DogDaddy, recognizing defeat, gave the rest of that piece to me and the other one to The Boy. We certainly don't mind holes in the bread; it's not like we have those glorious thumbs to help us spread jelly on it, anyway.

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