Thursday, July 21, 2005

Stuff I don't know what means.

DogMommy found out she can get a 13-foot piece of chair rail home in her coupe. (Whatever that means.)

She's also afraid that The Boy's "tormentors" coming to visit might "make him regress." (I later learned they're not coming, but I still don't know who they are.) As if he isn't already causing enough problems by digging up the flower(less) beds.

I haven't been to church in months, but they seem to go a lot. DM had that thing called rehearsal last night and came home smelling like there.

DM and DD have both been moving stuff around in the house the past couple of days. Something about Gavin coming to visit. All the fun stuff is getting hidden in plastic bins, amid talk of "baby-proofing." I hope he doesn't bring that stinkin' corgi with him, but if he does, I'm sure I'll be told, "Poppy can cope."

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