Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Neglecting my duties!

Okay, so it's really my typist's fault that I haven't blogged in so long, but I'm not going to be a blamer. That's a catty thing to do, and I'm a dog.

Hmmm...a highlight reel, perhaps:

  • Another house guest! Charlotte, they call her. She's the one The Boy startled by sticking his head up her skirt. He was smart enough to not try that one again.
  • Sick guy on one of the people couches -- the same one who smelled like construction materials and bunnies, but this time he smelled ill. He only stayed long enough for the other person with him to do some laundry. There was a little guy with them, too, which thrilled The Boy and totally wore out The Alpha.
  • A walk to the pharmacy window. Big ol' treats for both of us. Who knows why DM and Alpha even bother going; all they do is say my name and get a little paper sack.
  • Saturday-night backyard event, with J & L and those people who smell like where-there-is-a-cat, too. Good stuff, especially with everybody dropping peanut shells on the ground for us.
  • Also Saturday, The Boy learned that when you wear a bandanna, your goal should not be to try eating it off your own neck. Or off of mine, either. He looked rather dashing in plaid, and I was all perky in smiley faces. I'll try to get someone to post a picture, but she's been busy messing with some sort of box with strings on it. The strings make noise and startle The Boy quite a bit, which is always entertaining.

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