Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stuff and more stuff

Wow, we've had a neat last few days. Aunt Jessica came over two days in a row and brought that little thing she calls Winston. The Boy hadn't met Winston more than one or two times before, and it was nearly a Major Issue for him. But we convinced him not to be scared of a chihuahua, and a good time was had by all.

Okay, so then after Aunt Jessica and Winston came over for the second time, The Typist came home, but The Alpha didn't. And we know what that means...
DOGS on the PEOPLE BED!!!!

Not before the top sheet is properly spread over the comforter, of course. And even then, The Boy kept trying to tell The Typist that he didn't think it was right. Kept honking at her, even when he had his head up on her belly and his body sprawled out on her legs. (Still on top of the top sheet, of course.) Long, extended honks. How can one The Boy be a dog and a goose? Eventually, he hopped down and onto his own bed, and got quiet. Which meant more big bed for me, and a really nice night's sleep for all of us.

The Alpha is back home now, and tinkering. Also, trying to keep me from licking him all the dang time. Don't know what his problem is.

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