Monday, March 13, 2006

Feeling Famous

Yeah, so The Typist shot her mouth off somewhere, and it means I'm getting fan mail! Sweet. Locusts and Honey John likes the way I write. (It's made even more spectacular by the fact that I'm using borrowed thumbs.)

Wait 'til he sees my upcoming debut in beverage marketing. Actually, The Boy and I are sharing the label; we're learning to be a team, after all. But still, if I hadn't been calendar-worthy from my very first photogenic appearance on the puppy scene, it's likely this blog wouldn't even exist. It's been almost a year (or seven years? I can't tell which), and The Boy has yet to figure out that you're supposed to smile when they point that silver box thingy at you. They stooped to bribery so they could get a shot of him with his mouth open. Some of us are just born to pose. Others, less.


Stephen said...

Now thats a compliment coming from John :)

DogBlogger said...

Yes, he of the Rabbit Blogging.

(Wonder if he will let me chase them?)