Friday, March 17, 2006

We Are a Brand!

Presenting.... Two Hounds Nut Brown Ale!

Notice who the Two Hounds are? Do ya?

Uncle B pointed out, while designing the label, that we aren't actually hounds, but The Typist pointed out that "herding dogs" doesn't even remotely rhyme with "nut brown," and besides, we aren't talking Westminster Kennel Club here, anyway. We never do. It's likely you'll hear "Release the hounds!" when we run out into the backyard; to heck with breeding particulars.

I must say, The Boy looks perhaps his very best here. Very jaunty.

Of course, we aren't getting a single drop of the limited edition, 24-bottle brew. "Not for poppies," yes, we know. We've made a deal, though. A good stock of Frosty Paws awaits us in the freezer. For we are Good Dogs. Yes, we are.


Angela said...

My goodness! The two of you look rather, umm, maniacal there.

Congratulations on your marketing debut. Perhaps this is the beginning of a lucrative career, and soon you'll be able to support your Typist in the style to which she wishes to become accustomed.


Angela said...

Oops. Correcting the link. The comment above still stands. :D

Russ said...

Those dogs look like they've been drinking Red Bull! What'd you do to get their eyes that wide? Bring Lassie in wearin' a g-string?

Aunt Lidna said...

Wow... did you know that's exactly how you and Angus look every single time I or we come over to visit?? Serious!!

Great label, Cubs!!