Friday, September 01, 2006

Back-yard Hunting

The Boy (file photo at right) started off the morning with an adventure and a mystery.

First thing in the morning, while it's still dark, is pee time. Sometimes we both go out, and sometimes I hang inside with The Typist. Today I hung back. Sometimes the light in the backyard comes on, sometimes it doesn't. Today it didn't.

Not usually, though, does a squeaky noise come from the backyard when there are no squeaky toys in the backyard. Today, it did.

The Boy was called inside, and came in looking a little guilty. The Alpha was informed as he stepped from the shower. Dressed and armed with a flashlight, he took to the backyard. He came back and informed The Typist that he found downy fur, and a spot that looked like it had been burrowed into, but no blood and no bunny.

The Mystery is whether the bunnybunbun got away, or whether The Boy swallowed it whole. Either way, the thumb-havers hope it's feeling no pain now.

And The Boy, while he was doing a lot of lip-licking this morning, is certainly not talking.


zorra said...

My thumb haver just shook her head and said, "Been there..."
I don't know what she's talking about.

Happy hunting,

Molly said...

A bunny, huh? I want to play with one! (I prefer my food pre-killed.)

ColbyJack and Feta said...

We did almost the same thing yesterday. Aunt Lori came home for lunch and Colby brought her a half a dead bird. She wasn't sure where the rest of it was, but she took it and threw it in the trash outside. We were not finished with it! How rude!!! I guess we will just have to find something else to play with!

Love- ColbyJack and Feta