Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Living my Friday Five

So, yeah, The Typist here again. After I played the Friday Five last week, guess what I did?
  • Friday night I had Item 5. (Ever the practical one, I made sure I had short fingernails first. You don't want sauce getting trapped under your nails.)
  • Saturday morning at 10 a.m. I indulged in Item 1. (Highlight in the self-care department... I actually signed up for a membership!)
  • Saturday for lunch I finished of what was left of my stock of Item 3. (Australian Cheddar, to commemorate the heritage of The Boy.)
  • Saturday afternoon at 3 I had Item 2. (The Alpha only held his ears for about 4 of the songs -- including the trash can number which was flippin' sweet! He agreed, but thought it was still too loud.) And I might get to have it again this Friday!
  • Sunday night I enjoyed Item 4. (An introduction to a lovely variety known as Bootlegger, thanks to a gift from the friend who joined us Friday night for Item 5.)

In summary, Yay! Cool weekend. Wheee!

I close this post with a note that will please Cub...
Coming up this weekend: Doc.
Dogs. LOVE. Doc.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~sighs~ I am so freakin hungry for ribs.

Linda said...

So glad you liked the Bootlegger! I just finished a bottle myself. :-)

ElastiGirl said...

we are in the same area - lots of squirrels to chase on campus!!