Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Taking my blog back

Yeah, it's Cub back again. The Typist gets all reflective and stuff sometimes and I just have to let her do her thing, but she's done now.

Today is my birfday!
(I have no idea what that means, besides that The Boy and I got to have Frosty Paws after supper.) They sang at me and everything.

I'm seven.
(I don't know what that means, either.)

After I finished my Frosty Paws and The Boy finished his, we licked each other's Frosty Paws cups to make sure nobody missed anything. Turns out we are very good at eating Frosty Paws.

Of course, what else would you expect from Very Good Dogs?


Songbird said...

Hey, it's almost my birfday, too! Happy Birfday to you! (I'll be 4 on Saturday, my mom says.)
What's Frosty Paws? Is that like cold feet?
Your friend,

zorra said...

Happy Birfday to you! Nobody knows when mine is, so we celebrate it on January 6, the day mom and dad brought me home. That was kind of like a new birthday, I guess! Save some Frosty Paws for me!

Your friend,

Steve Heyduck said...

Happy Birthday!

Matt said...

My dog Princess (yes, a problem with it? haha) and I share a birthday. Isn't that sweet?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am SO sorry that I missed your b-day!! I was out of town.

I hope that it was wonderful and you have MANY more to come!

Hedwyg said...

Happy Birfday!

Midnight, the Tuxedo Kitty, had her sixth birfday on April Fool's Day. Guess that's entirely appropriate for a CAT, huh?