Monday, April 02, 2007

Rides, but at a price.

Friday I got to go on a ride with The Typist, and today I got to go on another ride with The Alpha!

But they were both the kind with needles at the other end. Friday there was just one needle, but today there were four needles, which I know because that's how many paws I have (I learned that from another blog buddy, but I can't remember who).

Besides all the needles there was also some tickling of my tummy, and they put an uncomfortable thing in a very impolite place, and then did some talking with The Alpha. Then the lady vet asked to see my teeth.

So I showed her.

I did a really good job showing her my teeth. She didn't think she needed to see them any more.

And then The Alpha had to stand at the counter and rub one of those sticks on a piece of paper before we could leave. And then we went home.


zorra said...

Uh oh. Had enough, did you? That'll teach her to ask to see your teeth!
I never get grumpy at the vet...but I might if I actually had some teeth to show.
Hope you've recovered from the ordeal--


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I bet you did show the vet your teeth!

Is everything alright??

DogBlogger said...

We don't know, Mindy. Cub looks, feels, and acts fine -- even the vet says so -- but we keep getting some worrisome enzyme levels in the blood tests. Those of you who okay praying for all species in God's creation, please include her.

zorra said...

Amy, I just saw your e-mail. Am praying.

Art said...

I hate the needles! Hate 'em!

Songbird said...

Amy, you're all in my prayers.

SpookyRach said...

You go, Dogblogger!! Those are no doubt some good lookin' teeth.

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

OH NO! You went to the SHOP OF HORRORS! I doesn't like that place. It smells of canine breath (no offense, but you know, I am a cat) and it smells like Other Animal's Pee.

Sorry about the needles.

The Shadow Princess