Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bicycles: not usually a dog's friend...

...but on May 5 and 6, bicycles will be my Aunt Pinky's friend, so I guess that will have to do.

See, Aunt Pinky has this nasty thing called MS. (That's why it took her so long to paint my picture, because she wasn't feeling well.) Lots of thumb-havers are trying to get rid of MS, but it takes a lot of work and money. So, to help, The Alpha is riding in the MS 150. That means he's been spending lots of time pedaling on that bike that doesn't go anywhere and also he can't play with his dogs while he's riding it. Dogs need lots of attention, you know.

One cool thing is that The Alpha has a special bandana to wear. Aunt Pinky and Friend Regina, who has MS too, wrote special messages on it for him. Usually I'm the one who wears bandanas, so I hope he will let me borrow it after his ride is over.

If anybody wants to help The Alpha (and Aunt Pinky and Friend Regina, too), here's the spot.

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