Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dog Logic for Thumb-Havers

After supper the other night, The Boy and I got walks... all the way down to the Magic Treat Window at the back of the pharmacy! They said my name, and handed back and forth a card and a piece of paper, and got a little white bag, but we knew why we were really there.

The thumb-haver inside the Magic Treat Window saw that we are Very Good Dogs. He saw that we were so good we each needed TWO treat bones. Not the little dinky kind we get at home, either. Nice, big, long-as-my-muzzle, serious treat bones. Apparently The Alpha and The Typist do not understand that these are what we actually require.

But, thanks to Sunny the Papillon, whose thumb-haver is John the Methodist, we now have a training tool for our thumb-havers. Sunny showed me a great thing that this other thumb-haver by the name of Khoi Vinh uses to figure out what his dog, Mister President, is thinking:

Go see! It could change your life.

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zorra said...

Both of my thumb-havers thought this was hilarious, but I don't understand why they kept looking at me and laughing.