Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two More Interviews!

Wow, this interview thing is interesting! I have had two more requests, one from a thumb-haver and one from a dog. This time they aren't in the same house, though: Aunt Lidna, from around here; and Molly, from far away where it snows more, and where Songbird lives with her.

First, for Aunt Lidna:
1. Why don't you live with a dog?
2. Sometimes you smell like chili. (The thumb-havers can't smell it, but I can.) Why is that?
3. Will you please share a St. Francis story?
4. Do you love me more, or The Boy more?
5. Dog on floor, or dog on lap? Explain your answer.
UPDATE: Aunt Lidna has posted her answers.

Then, for Molly:
1. You are a Ministry Dog. What is your favorite kind of ministry?
2. Like me, you have a dog brother. But you also have human boys and a human girl. What's that like?
3. Is the floor slippery at your church? Some places in my church it is, and I slide all over.
4. Same question I asked the other dogs: What is one secret of a blissful life that you'd like to share with your thumb-havers?
5. Frosty Paws: ever had them? If yes, share your opinion; if no, do you plan on trying them?

Please see my previous interviews for the Rules On What To Do Next, you two!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You have the bestest questions!

Songbird said...

Molly says thank you and she will get to these tomorrow. Right now she has a sore paw and doesn't think she will be able to type this evening.

DogBlogger said...

Oh, Songbird... I hope Molly feels better soon, and that you are doing well, too!