Monday, October 01, 2007

Back to Baseball?

A few days before I found The Typist and The Alpha, they were on a trip up north to see some guys lose a baseball game. It's part of how I got named Cub.

The Typist said that back then, she'd already been burned by the strike of '95 (she still has her protest t-shirt), but she forgave them after a few years. These days she's still not happy about all the juicing rumors. (She voted for The Asterisk.)

Now, the Cubs have made the postseason again. She's been very good about not watching all season, because it seems the more she cares, the more they lose. So, she will be not-watching on Wednesday (convenient that she has choir and band to keep her distracted, isn't it?).


the reverend mommy said...

There are times it's very very hard to be a fan....
My condolences.

zorra said...

Hi Cub, please tell the typist she's been tagged!

gavin richardson said...

voting for the asterisk was the proper move. curly headed one was telling us that he might watch more tv due to some seven foot tall snot blob still playing.

1-4 Grace said...

My human is very upset that her team (in Hot-lanta) did not make the wild card spot. She said they only started playing good at the end of the season, so she has to find soembody else to pull for. I told her the Cubs would be good.
She is also hoping her Gamecocks will keep doing wel in football.