Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Five: Thankfulness List

Mary Beth over at RevGalBlogPals writes: Welcome to the Friday Five!

This one is going to be veeeery simple: List at least five things (people, places, graces, miracles...) for which you are thankful. You may elaborate as you wish, or keep it simple.

Hat tip to Princess Mindy for the idea. Oh...and if you know The Veggie Tales' hit "Thankfulness Song," please hum it as you post.
Okay, we aren't up on our VeggieTales, so we'll hum "For the Beauty of the Earth." Here we go with our tandem play on thankfulness:

Typist: For the beings of my household, one two-footed, two four-footed -- The Alpha, Cub, and The Boy.
Cub: For my two thumb-havers who keep me happy and healthy.

Typist: That I have the ability to stay so busy and do things that I both need and want to do.
Cub: For my sunny, grassy back yard where I like to relax!

Typist: No thankfulness list that may be read by Mindy is complete without clean panties!
Cub: Okay, as a dog, those really aren't something I'm aware of a need to be thankful for... but I'm thankful that I have a nice collection of bandannas for accessorizing.

Typist: For RevGalBlogPals!
Cub: For RevGalDogPals (oh, and CatPals too, I suppose...)!

Typist: For music.
Cub: For belly rubs.


karlajean said...

catpals, dogpals, backyards, music,and bellyrubs...oh yes, life is grand!

Kievas said...

F and I agree...well maybe with the exception of the panties...

chartreuseova said...

Once after taking a nap at the vet's office, I got to wear boxers (the undies kind, not the dog). Seems the vet told mom & dad they'd keep me from exploring. Personally, I didn't like them (clean or not) and let everyone know it.


Jan said...

So cute, thanks. Belly rubs are good.

"PS" said...

...and backrubs for the two-legged version

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What a wonderful list!!

Elane said...

I'm loving the 'thumb-haver' label: we've long asserted that the opposable thumbs are the only reason our cat (especially) and dog put up with us.

The Big Dog is probably smiling.

Songbird said...

Shoot, I forgot the panties!

mompriest said...

I agree, too!

Diane said...

love it and Scout would have LOVED to play!

John Shuck said...

Funny! Thanks!

zorra said...

Ditto to the bellyrubs!

And I've been sick this week, so like you I am thankful for my thumbhavers who love me and try to keep me healthy and happy. Mom says she is giving me this foul medicine because she loves me; I don't quite understand that, but I believe her.