Sunday, January 22, 2006

Front-yarding it

So, yesterday while The Alpha was completely in charge of our place, he showed up out front with a load of bricks. He let me and The Boy out to come help, only this time "come help" didn't mean look in the box with the little flag on the side, it meant watch him dig in the dirt and rearrange bricks around the tree for an hour. The Boy, I think, kept expecting squirrels, but those squirrels know better. I'm glad we now both know better than to go out in the road. Well, most of the time.

Because when The Alpha brought The Typist home from wherever she'd been all night and day, she was very excited to see the new bricks (yeah, I don't get it, either). But then The Boy ran out in the road and she was very excited about that, too, except in the other kind of way. The "NO" kind of way. But it's okay, because no cars came along. Still, he'd better watch it.

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Lily said...

John! You should always take a buddy with you when crossing the street.