Monday, May 29, 2006

Lots o' People!

Whew... what a distracting last few days it's been. First, Doc showed up -- All Dogs Love Doc, so that was nice. Then, people showed up with little bitty thumb-havers, which always make me nervous. This time there were more of them than there were of me and The Boy. For some reason, one of them was particularly enthralled with me. I wanted no part of it, but I put-up-with as best I could, because, after all, "Good girl puts up with." Or so they say. And why would they lie?

Also, the biggest of the little thumb-havers fed me, although I think they didn't want her to. Because there was some yelling no and some trying to pry my jaws apart before I swallowed the big long piece of meaty goodness that she gave me. (Their attempt was unsuccessful. I can swallow big things really fast if I need to.) The rest of the day The Alpha and The Typist kept looking at me like they expected me to puke on the carpet. But I didn't.

Whew, I'm sure tired after all those visitors, though. Glad it's quiet around here now.


Songbird said...

Hi, Dogblogger~
Good job!
My brother Sam tried to catch us a treat today. I think my thumb-havers call it a squirrel, but Sam just calls it rrrrYUM. He never catches any, but he's sure they are good. I would rather eat the food on the table in the big room with all the chairs.
Your friend,

DogBlogger said...

Oh, yeah, we have those here, too. Never caught one myself, either, but I have caught a bird or two. (Why those silly birds didn't remember they could fly, I'll never know).

When I was a baby, I let a bird peck me on the nose. They don't get by with that now!

Aunt Lidna said...

So glad you didn't get sick after scarfing down most of that hot dog! That's so not good for you, you know, or as Devon might say, "That's not okay." Scritches!!