Thursday, May 25, 2006

My new blog friend!

Givin' a howl-out to Molly, who lives with Rev Songbird and some other thumb-havers! Glad you're starting to feel better. I've totally been there. Oh, and even though I haven't been officially blessed (yet!), I do wear a St. Francis medal on my collar. He and I are tight.

In other news, The Boy and I got to go camping last weekend. The Typist was way too tuckered out to post anything about it. Because, well, first, The Boy was very out of his element. It took extra energy to convince him we weren't going to leave him alone in the woods. (After all, he did time in the woods, with ticks all over him, before he landed here.) And second, there were all kinds of new things to see and sniff! There was this funny-looking thing called an armadillo that made a whole lot of noise in the brush, and they wouldn't let us chase it (party poopers). After that, we all went to bed in the tent, but it was really hot for a while, so it took some time to get to sleep. And then when we all quit panting and started the nap, the armadillo came around and got The Boy and me all up on High Alert again.

I'm not sure what I'd do with an armadillo, but I would definitely like to have a closer look at one some time.

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Songbird said...

An armadillo? Cool! I've never seen one of those. Did you hear about the time Sam and I found a whole deer leg in the woods? We wanted to bring it home, but our dad said no. Talk about a party pooper!
Your friend,