Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Whirlwind of a week

There was another road trip for me and The Boy last weekend. We all went to Grandma and Pop's again. At one point The Alpha and The Typist were gone for several hours, and The Boy went on some sort of strike... he refused to go out and pee for Grandma. I think he still has abandonment issues. Anyway, we did have a pretty good time.

Then yesterday it happened again: another ride with needles at the other end. At least the vet seemed satisfied with checking my teeth when I showed them to him all on my own. He also complimented my shiny, shiny coat, and my svelte figure.

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Songbird said...

Dear Dogblogger,
My mom says I have to have a bath soon. You see, I was feeling sick, and there were some messes involved. I don't mind the attention, but I don't like standing still to be dried!
Your friend,