Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Five: Sleep

From reverendmother, via RevSongbird (Molly's dog-mommy):

1. In what kind of environment do you sleep best? (e.g. amount of light and noise, temperature, number of pillows, breathe-right strip, sleeping in the buff, etc.)
Inside is great, because I have lots of choices -- the big green bed, my comfy chair, the couch, the bed on the floor, the carpet, the cool tile by the front door... outside, in the sunny grass is nice, unless it's too hot. Then I like it on the shady tile.
I also like it when the thumb-havers take off my collar for the night. Relaxing!

2. How much sleep do you need to feel consistently well-rested? How much can you get by on? What are the consequences when you don't get enough?
These really aren't issues for me, seeing as how I'm a dog, and I don't have many obligations that get in the way of sleeping.

3. Night owl or morning person?
Morning! I like morning! The sun's up! It's always an exciting time!

4. Favorite cure for insomnia
A nice w-a-l-k (and they think I can't spell...)

5. To snooze or not to snooze? Why or why not?
The Alpha uses the snooze regularly. Which means The Boy and I have plenty of time to pace around the people bed to let both thumb-havers know that even if the sun isn't quite up, it will be soon. Oh, and that The Boy has to pee. So can you hurry it up a bit?


Songbird said...

I have a lot of sleeping spots, and I usually move around all night, because I have a big coat and I get hot. I like my chair; I like the spot on the hardwood floor at the foot of the stairs; I like my "den" under the dining room table; and my favorite place is the living room couch!!
Your friend,

zorra said...

My thumb-havers say I may be the only dog who has three beds in one bedroom, plus another one next to the breakfast table. I guess I get bored easily! I like to switch beds all through the night and keep 'em guessing about where I'll wake up. Actually I usually wake up first. I like to let them know when it's 6:45, especially on Saturday and Sunday!

Oh--I think this is a dumb request, myself, but my thumb-haver wants to know, can we see some more pictures of The Boy? She says The Boy could be my younger, slimmer cousin! (That's getting a bit too personal, IMHO.) Thanks for blogging--
Your friend,

DogBlogger said...

Thanks for posting, Amie! How'd you find me?

Your thumb-haver's request will be fulfilled later in the week... The Alpha and The Typist just got back from abandoning us for the weekend, and they are tired, but one of our dogsitters took lots of pics of me and The Boy in their absence. So, I'm sure at least a couple will make it into a posting this week.