Thursday, June 22, 2006

This Just In...

And by "in," I mean IN the living room. Where I was pretty sure it ought not to be. I became certain of that fact when The Alpha took note of what The Boy (shown in file photo at right) had just snuck IN from the trip to the mailbox. The Alpha was most definitely not pleased to find approximately one-half of a dead varmint in the living room floor, with The Boy merrily chewing away on it.

It smelled sorta like a squirrely, and it sorta looked like the back end of a squirrely, but with no tail. There's a slim chance it was a bunny. However, there's no chance it was among the living within the past week. The Alpha called it "half-dead," but quickly realized his error, as it was obviously all the way dead, and there was only half of it left.

We were both immediately ushered out the back door. As we watched through the sunporch window, The Alpha procured a shovel while The Typist went for the can of Lysol. No more squirr... er, bunn... uh, varmint for The Boy. And he was so proud...


Songbird said...

Dear Cub,
At our house, the cats bring varmints inside occasionally. My people do not care for it, not one little bit. The one who calls herself "Dog Mommy" tends to flip out when this happens. The Big Guy carries the varmint outside, and then I don't know what happens, but Dog Mommy tells him to wash his hands with soap when he comes back, and he laughs.
Sam says he wishes he could have half of one of those snacks you're talking about. We saw one running at the dog park, but it got away.
Your friend,

zorra said...

I will never forget the night I went to the back door to call Zorra (the real Zorra, our first cattle dog--no longer with us, alas) and she finally appeared, with the back half of a rat hanging out of her mouth! I shrieked and slammed the door and my husband went to get one of her favorite biscuits, thinking she'd drop the rat for that. Of course she didn't--she gulped the rat whole so she could come get the biscuit!! I am still shuddering!

Thanks for the picture! You have such handsome babies!

Amy said...

I am glad that my puppies do not bring in dead varmits. I am sure that if they were to get a hold of one, they would eat it. I do believe that Cat would be there top choice, but they wouldn't want to eat it. They would rather keep it around, so that they could eat it's tasty treats!! YUCK