Saturday, July 01, 2006

Home Adventure Kit

1. Take one home security system;
2. Add a really big thunderclap;
3. Observe interesting loud siren-type noise;
4. Bark a lot.

That's pretty much the adventure The Boy and I had tonight, all without leaving the yard. We had a teeny little storm, really, but the thunder wasn't playing nice, and so the house siren decided to play back, and then it quit, and then nothing happened for a while, and then somebody came around on the other side of the fence and we did our Ferocious Barking Act even though I was pretty sure it was only Mr. Jim, who I love, and then some other guys with big lights came and we kept up the Ferocious Barking Act, and then a few minutes after we calmed down The Alpha and The Typist came home. They seemed a little goofy about going to all the rooms in the house and looking at windows, but other than that, things were normal. Sorry they missed it all.


Songbird said...

Hi, Cub!
Good job, you guys! I would have been running all around saying "oaf-oaf-oaf!!!!"
Molly is a baby, she hides upstairs for stuff like that.
Your friend,

zorra said...
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zorra said...

Oh, y'all are so brave! I admit I would have been hiding in Dad's closet. Mom and Dad keep telling me thunder won't hurt me, but I don't quite believe them. And then if there had been an even louder noise on top of that, well...!

i can be pretty tough when I need to warn UPS trucks and other dangerous intruders away from the front of our house, but most of the time I'm pretty cautious. I didn't get to be this old by taking unnecessary risks!

Your friend,