Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Misuse of Sticks

Once again -- I'm pretty sure this happened in the dining room last year -- the thumb-havers rubbed various sticks against the wall over a period of several days. No chewing them at all.

Yeah, the staging area for w-a-l-k-s (or entryway, or foyer, or front hall) looks different now, but that doesn't really concern me much. It smelled a little different for a while, too, which was interesting. But thankfully I know better than to stick my nose in one of those buckets (I learned that when I was a puppy and they were rubbing sticks against the wall in the room where we watch that flickery box thing while I take naps on the couch).

So, The Typist didn't have much time for typing for me in the past week. Too much other stuff to be done. Also, we had new dinner guests -- nice folks, all thumb-havers, no poppies. Thank goodness, because sometimes it's just embarrassing to watch The Boy get his pack order challenged by a chihuahua.

Oh, and tonight The Alpha got The Boy all wound up. "Don't encourage him," said The Typist. Which made absolutely no difference.

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Aunt Lidna said...

I can't wait to see you and Anus soon! And the thumb-havers, of course, but you're way more soft and cuddly than they are, which I think is probably a good thing. Go Poppy!