Friday, December 22, 2006

2006: Year of the Best Lazy Christmas Tree Ever

The red box of ornaments sat on the fireplace hearth for, oh, 3 weeks at least.

One ornament (purchased in honor of The Boy's arrival to the pack last year) came out of the box and made its way onto the tree, but only because it defies description and had to be shown to a certain visiting niece late on the night of December 5.
Yes, that's a wide-eyed goose.


With a tomato strapped to its back.

No, we don't know why. But it does capture the spirit of The Boy quite well.

A nice little cross received as a gift landed there, too, but besides that and the pre-lit niftiness, the tree remained bare.

Until The Typist decided that the stack of Christmas cards on the kitchen counter had to go somewhere else, and she and The Alpha nestled them in the branches of the tree. It's as crafty as she gets these days -- no, wait, she started knitting lessons the other night -- and we're all quite pleased with it:

There's even a card from a Blog Friend on there:

Oh, and The Typist and I joined RevGalBlogPals today. It's about time. We've played plenty of Friday Fives and all.

Merry Christmas!


Songbird said...

Yay! And welcome!!!

zorra said...

Merry Christmas! I love the goose.
We actually found a little red heeler to put on the tree for Zorra, some years ago. After Amie joined the household I searched and searched on line until I found a matching blue heeler!
And welcome to RGBP!!!

the reverend mommy said...

I love the goose. That's one wild ornament.
And I'm getting excited!

Anonymous said...

Lazy Christmas is way wonderful. And your goose ornament - wow! (This year I learned that if you put your tree in a dark corner, you don't even have to spend time fluffing out the branches. No one can see it well enough to tell how fluffy it is.)