Friday, December 29, 2006

First New Blogger Post!

Here we are on the New Blogger. Don't want to jinx it, but hey, that didn't seem like it was too difficult.

We had a great Christmas, yes we did. The Boy and I got a new Squirrely to share (we've already broken one of the squeakers, but now it sounds like crunching bones, so that's good, too), and we each got one of these fake bones that the thumb-havers want us to chew on instead of real bones. Something about not cracking another molar. I've eschewed mine thus far. But I think it's buried in the chow bin right now, so maybe when it comes out of there it'll smell better.

The Typist is making noise about more travel. I hope she hides her suitcase from The Boy, because he's pretty neurotic when it comes to that sort of thing. Not wanting to Get Left and all.

She says she's going to get to see some of our blog friends, though: Reverend Mommy, Rev Abi, and John the Methodist, to name just a few. Wish I could go, but she tells me that Molly and Amie and their thumb-havers won't be there, anyway, so I wouldn't have much fun. Better to just stay here and hang out with The Alpha so he doesn't get lonely.


zorra said...

Mom and I wish we could come. Have fun, Typist.


SpookyRach said...

I'm way jealous of you meetup! Have a great time!