Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Alphabet Meme

Mindy gave The Typist my letter, F, over the weekend, and we are just now getting to it. The delay is not my fault; I have plenty of time on my paws. Somebody's been flitting around to activities not involving dogs, though.

So, finally... 10 things I love that begin with F:

1) Food. My food, The Boy's food, thumb-haver food...although I don't get much of that.

2) Friends! Friends who come over. I like to hear "coming over." Because that usually leads to friends.

3) Family. Our pack is really really the best pack to have.

4) Fall. The tan in my coat looks really, really pretty when the leaves start to turn. Plus, fall air smells especially good.

5) Fetch. Actually, I don't so much fetch as I do capture, then taunt the thumb-haver that wants me to bring it back. But Fetch starts with F.

6) Football. It's a nubby football that screams when I bite it. The Alpha doesn't let me have it very often because it screams when I bite it.

7) "Free puppy": a phrase we all know has no truth to it, but somehow it got me to where I am anyway.

8) Fast chases around the living room with The Boy.

9) F is the letter that starts off my last name. So I like F.

10) Flowery bandanna that I got for Easter one year.

The Typist says no more posts until we switch to the new Blogger, so who knows when that'll be.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list!

zorra said...

And I'm sure that the Typist and the Alpha love your beautiful Fur!
(Stroking it,that is. Vacuuming it, not so much.)