Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why I Love My Thumb-Haver Cousin

First off, The Typist met back up with us today, and we're glad. And she wants to say that she doesn't know how anyone on dial-up has the patience to blog, and that's why there will be no linking in my post tonight. (Turns out I'm not the only girl in our pack who can be a bit of a priss.)

We got to ride in the car! with The Alpha yesterday for a big long ride to visit the thumb-havers who call us their granddogs. That also means we've been getting to see our Aunt Who Gives Us Cute Bandannas, and our Thumb-Haver Cousin Who Isn't Much Taller Than Us.

Tonight after supper I was feeling a little bit snackish. Nothing to whine about, of course. So I wasn't going to give them any pitiful puppy stares or anything. But when Thumb-Haver Cousin walked by with a Snack Cake in each hand, it sure looked like he was offering to share. So I took him up on the offer.

From the way he reacted, I don't think he really meant for me to eat the whole thing, but he didn't seem too upset. And the bigger thumb-havers all seemed to think it was funny. Then they had me give him poppy kisses, which they also thought was funny. And it meant I got a few more crumbs of Snack Cake.

It did not taste like my usual treats. It didn't even taste like Frosty Paws. It tasted really, really, really good, though. So good that I'm guessing The Alpha and The Typist won't let me have another one any time soon.

Oh, and The Boy got all scared today. The Alpha and Thumb-Haver Cousin were lighting things on fire that made popping sounds, and The Boy went to hide. He feels much safer back inside, where we all are now. He's still Not Quite Right, but then again, he never was.

I think we get to go on another ride in the morning.


John said...

I was feeling snackish last night, too. So I went into the wire box that the Long-Eared Puppy lives in and started eating the pellet food there in a bowl. It's not as good as meat, but it's good. When I do this, the Long-Eared Puppy usually tries to push me out of the wire box. But instead she just sat down next to me and ate out of the bowl with me. This got Packlady very excited and happy. So I will do this more, because I want my Packlady to be happy.

--Sunny the Papillon

Diane said...

Ride in the car! Ride in the Car! I am so jealous! I love to go on rides in the car! And that snack cake sounds awfully good! My thumb havers are VERY STRICT about snack cake.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You are so funny!

karlassi said...

Thanks for your sighs for Annie.
She and her sister Venus looooved to clean the floor in the kitchen when their thumb-havers dropped things on the floor. Venus keeps up the tradition.
Hope you snag something else yum soon, but not too soon!

zorra said...

Mmmm...snack cake. How I wish. The most interesting thing I've managed to get ahold of lately was fried eggplant! I ate it, too!

Mom and dad fuss at me when I clean the kitchen floor. Good grief, I'm just trying to help.


Molly said...

Cub, how are things at your house? We're supposed to get funderstorms tonight. I heard there's a lot of rain in your state. I hope it's not flooding you!
Your friend,

DogBlogger said...

Hi Molly! Thanks for asking. It's pretty wet here! The Alpha keeps telling me and The Boy, "Don't let the rain go and drizzle on your muzzle." The Typist came home yesterday hollering about the waves in the street going up over the sidewalk. But I think waves belong in lakes, so that didn't seem right.