Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Because I'm a prissy princess, that's why.

It only took one day for the thumb-havers to figure out why I wouldn't eat my oatmeal and chicken for supper anymore. They're learning fast.

What they learned is that I liked the oatmeal out of the other round box better.

And when that other box was empty and they brought in a new round box with different pictures on it, I didn't like that oatmeal.

They didn't think I'd notice the difference, just because they don't. Well, the nosery nose knows, and that's final.

These boxes both have pictures of oatmeal, but the oatmeal smelled totally different from the icky box. Also, the good box has cookies on it, too.

So The Alpha went out and got me the good box of oatmeal and fixed it with my chicken for supper tonight. And I rewarded him by eating it.

I still don't think I'd eat the oatmeal from the box with the man in the hat on it. He's kinda creepy.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

From one Princess to another...we nose what we wants!! *snickers*

They ought to buy you the expensive real oatmeal. OMG...so yummy good!!

zorra said...

Me, I'll eat just about anything. It's all good.

Mama says my sister Zorra loved cheese, but absolutely would not eat Colby. I can't tell the difference! More for me!


Mary Beth said...

You are like the princess and the pea of oatmeal, no?

DogBlogger said...

Mary Beth, I think you're right!

scoutdog said...

of course!!! I totally agree!