Friday, March 14, 2008

Pray for Cub

Hi, The Typist here.

Cub is spending the night at the emergency vet. While we were out for our evening walk, she started having a seizure -- she is epileptic, so we expected it to pass, but it didn't. We had to carry her back home, where it continued for another hour, then we took her to the vet. They have her on Valium and expect to keep her between 12 and 24 hours.

The rest of us are going to try to sleep now. Please keep our inter-species family in your prayers. And if you're not the kind of person who prays for dogs, don't tell me that. Just pray for us thumb-havers, then.


Linda said...

Oy - have been thinking about her the last few days but have been too busy to drop a line to see how things are going. Prayers!

Art said...

Prayers ascending!

Spooky said...

Even a Cat can pray for a DOG, especially a really cool DOG! I'm praying for you, Cub.

Quotidian Grace said...

Oh, dear, I hope Cub is better this morning. Prayers ascending.

Beatrice says Woof.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am praying for all of you. This makes me really sad.