Saturday, March 22, 2008


The Typist says most dogs and thumb-havers aren't into following Levitical law. So she thinks it is interesting that I let The Boy glean from my bowl.

Here he is gleaning some cottage cheese, oatmeal, wheat bread, and maybe even a little chicken that I left for him. Yes, he gets his own chow, too, but he knows mine is special. So I share a taste with him.

"When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap to the very edges of your field, or gather the gleanings of your harvest; you shall leave them for the poor and for the alien..."

Well, our Pop has been known to say The Boy is "poor as a snake," so I guess that means he's poor. And he didn't live here when he was a pup like I did, so I guess that means he's an alien, too.

It may just look like he's sniffing in the picture, but he was licking all over, really. His tongue is at least as fast as mine.


Songbird said...

Cub, you are a very special dog.

zorra said...

You're a better dog than I.


Lindy said...

I am glad to see something in the much abused book of Leviticus being put to good use.

You're a good dog Cub.