Friday, June 10, 2005

Simple joys...

Bone-chewing. Better yet, bone-chewing in front of Rug-Pisser when he doesn't have his own to chew on. He's an okay kid, really, but he's got some nasty habits. The snapping, for instance. He's like IceMan from Top Gun doing that stupid chomp thing in Maverick's face before he leaves the locker room. Wait, how do I know that? Jungian archetype, I suppose.

Licking. Groooooming. All while guarding my bone from the RP. Hey, the fur on my front leg tastes kinda like that bone I was just, wait, that was just aftertaste. Gets me every time. Mmmm, what's this back by my butt? Ah, tastes butt-tastic. Oh, time to give kisses!

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