Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Where is she?

Okay, DogDaddy turned up again, but haven't seen much of DogMommy. The nights of being allowed on the bed are over, even though there's enough room. I suppose she'll turn up eventually and will want that spot back.

Aunt Linda said I'm getting Blog Blogged, whatever that means. Okay, can I lick you now?

Oh, peanut butter, my favorite!

Hey, Rug Pisser, congratulations for learning to make some noise at the back door to be let outside instead of pissing on the guest bathroom carpet! Mad props!

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Aunt Lidna said...

Dear Sweet Cubbins, you may lick me on my hands or arms but not on my face when and only when you add the word chill to your DogCabulary. As in, when I say "Cub CHILL!" when I walk through the large door and expect you to not freakin' freak out and stuff. Belly dawg!!