Sunday, October 08, 2006

A creek!

So we went for a RIDE just now (two rides, actually -- one there, and one back), and at the other end there were all these cool woodsy trails and a creek! The Boy and I waded in the creek while the thumb-havers tried not to get too wet themselves. (And they're still forgetting to bring the camera to capture our antics. Silly thumb-havers.)

The Boy seemed to like the water much better when he could go in on his own terms. Not like at the city pool. He even took a drink or two.

We got nice and dusty/filthy after we got out of the water. Fun!


Molly said...

Sounds great!
I had to go to church TWICE today. At least the second time they let me sleep in the aisle during the sermon instead of going out to the car with Sam.

zorra said...

Eww, did you have to have a BATH when you got back? I just had one! It was horrid! I don't even smell like myself! (The thumbhavers say, that's the point.)

Still damp,