Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shockingly normal.

Life has been ever-so-typical this week. That's why I have nothing to blog about lately. It did rain a bit the other day and we had to stay inside while the thumb-havers were at work, but that just meant a nice cushy couch for napping, and that The Alpha came home at lunch to give us an outside break.

Oh, yesterday The Boy got in trouble for chewing a branch off a shrubbery that The Alpha planted. I guess, technically, we both got in trouble -- the chewed-off branch was shaken in both our directions, with "no" happening behind it -- but I know who actually did it.

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Molly said...

Sam ate some chocolate cake our mom left on the coffee table, but I haven't gotten anything more interesting than one of those rawhides they say get your teeth clean. I prefer pig chips, but it's fun to run away with one and see Sam try to figure out whether to chase me or just take his into the dining room!