Friday, October 06, 2006

The toys are back in town!

Okay, well, back in my realm, otherwise known as the floor. They'd been confiscated when I came home all groggy a while back. But we had another (another!) trip to the vet this afternoon, and when I came home we got our toys back! I'm having fun keeping them away from The Boy already.

I heard something else about "two weeks," and judging from the warning I got from the heeler in Houston last time, I'm pretty much Eee Ex Pee Eee See Tee-ing to have to go back. (Yes, more spelling. They still don't know that I know, but I know! I do.)


zorra said...

Oh no!! Your teeth must be as breakable as mine! Do you like to chew rocks, chains, and metal bowls, too? Are you sure you aren't part heeler?


DogBlogger said...

Actually, I don't think it's my teeth this time. I also heard something about "liver" and "bile acid test," so my guess is that it will involve getting poked with a needle.