Thursday, October 12, 2006

He knows.

The Boy (new file photo at right) is suspicious.

When The Alpha left after supper, The Boy tried to go with him. Snaked past him out the back door and into the garage. It was only after a few seconds with the door shut on him in the darkness that he would come back in, away from the car.

"Aw, you know there's a trip coming, don't you?"

Why yes, he does.

Odd. We haven't seen a suitcase, or any Getting Ready of Things, but there's been talk. Not that he can understand fully, by any means, but The Boy knows.

I know that if we get left, it'll be with somebody nifty like Aunt Jessica or Aunt KitCat, so I'm not too concerned. The Boy, however, still has Issues. Poor The Boy.


mid-life rookie said...

Tell the thumbhavers to enjoy their trip. We will miss them.
Jake's family

zorra said...

Poor The Boy! I feel for him. Sometimes we are so afraid of being left. Late one stormy Saturday night my thumbhavers needed to go take care of something at Dad's office (about a 45-minute drive) that couldn't wait. I hate storms so much, I darted ahead of them into the garage and wouldn't go back into the house so they could leave. Finally they put my leash on and took me with them. Dad's boss still doesn't know there was a dog in the building that night. I appreciated it, though, and I bet they secretly enjoyed my company, don't you?