Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nothing like a good wrassle!

Last night The Typist held onto The Boy's collar and made him sit and stay in the kitchen while I got to do something very special: wrasslin' with The Alpha!

We hadn't wrassled like that in ages. Probably not since The Boy came to live here. There was crouching, there was play posturing (The Alpha looks kinda funny with his butt up in the air like that, what with no tail on it), there was faking back and getting caught for a doggy noogie. It was great! Eventually The Typist had to let The Boy loose again, and he totally tried to horn in on my wrassle, but that's okay because we were pretting much finished anyway.

It's nice to know The Alpha still likes playing with his Poppy Girl.


mid-life rookie said...

Hmmm. A good wrassle with the house alpha. Sounds like a good plan. And by the way I am not a poppy!

DogBlogger said...

I don't get it, MLR.

(The Typist says she gets it, though.)

zorra said...

I bet it drove The Boy crazy to have to sit and watch! Sounds like fun! My sister Zorra used to love that, except sometimes she would get too excited and start to nip. I like a little gentle wrassling (we call it wooling at our house) if I'm in the mood.