Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snowy and blurry

We get excited when it snows, The Boy and I do. It all comes from snow only happening every once in a long while.

Today the thumb-havers made us stay inside when they went to work, but when they got back, it had started snowing and we got to go out and play!

We went round and round the yard. You can see here that I really streamlined myself, to make a well-furred machine totally determined to Get The Boy. Which I did, a few seconds later.

We both got a little blurry with all the nifty cold air and cold white stuff and action! I couldn't even chew on a stick slow enough for the camera to get the whole stick.

The Boy couldn't even stop being blurry for The Alpha to pet him.

See? Or, can you?

We sure had fun! (Molly, I remember what you mean about the snow now, even though we don't get as much as you do!)


Molly said...

You are some lucky ducks! We haven't had a single flake of the good stuff yet. I wish I could have played with you!!!

zorra said...

Great pictures! The cold weather makes me all frisky, too! Mom says she's glad we don't have any of that white stuff, though. Enjoy!

Justin said...

Hey, its always fun to play in the snow!! My 3 doggies also njoys the snowfall.hahah! And hey, check out this post on dog's dictionary. Its a lotta fun!!

take care