Saturday, November 11, 2006

RevGals' Friday Five: What's Red and Blue and Purple All Over?

I can't see very many colors, but The Typist can, so she decided she wanted to play the Friday Five this week. So, here it is.

Those of us who are in the United States have just been through quite a topsy-turvy election. During the campaign we heard a fair amount about red states and blue states, when in fact most of us live in some shade of purple. And so... a lighter look at those confounding colors:

1. Favorite red food:

2. Tell us about the bluest body of water you've ever seen in person.
When we took our Kenai Fjords National Park glacier cruise from Seward, Alaska, we saw some blue, blue spots near the mouths of Resurrection Bay and Aialik Bay, and at the toe of Northwestern Glacier, that were amazing beyond anything words or camera could capture. (We were too agog to be even a little worried about the icebergs bumping against the hull of our boat.)

3. It's movie rental time: Blue Planet, The Color Purple, or Crimson Tide?
Don't think I've ever seen Blue Planet, but I do remember liking Crimson Tide pretty well, even though it's been at least a decade since I've seen it.

4. What has you seeing red these days?
Lots of stuff! Injustice and stupidity are right there at the top, though.

5. What or who picks you up when you're feeling blue?
The Whats: The right CD for the mood I'm in; sweet and/or fatty foods; and the shirking of responsibility, even if it's just a tiny bit.
The Whos: The Alpha, The Best Dog Ever, and her goofy sidekick, The Boy, of course! Also, assorted BlogPals (RevGal and otherwise).

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Songbird said...

Ditto on those pick-me-ups! It's hard to be glum with puppies(of all ages) around, isn't it?