Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"S" is for Strangekitty

On our double-u-ay-ell-kay this evening, The Boy and I saw a really fluffy kitty! We wanted to go chase it, but The Alpha held us back. We pulled and pulled, and I noticed that the black fluffy kitty didn't quite look like the other neighborhood kitties -- it had a really fluffy tail, and some white stripey fur all the way down its back and tail, too.

So, the fluffy kitty ran away from us and behind some trees. The Alpha seemed pretty pleased that the kitty ran away, but I'm still thinking about what fun it would've been to run up and sniff that kitty. (You never really get a good sense of something until you've given it a good sniff.)

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Aunt Lidna said...

I dunno, Cubbins - every strangekitty I know of has a most distinctive odor, and the majority of thumbhavers I know don't like it. You'd probably not like it either. The Boy might though, because he's just like that.