Sunday, February 25, 2007

Play time with a new kid...

Yesterday we got to meet Jolene.

She's already bigger than she is in this picture.

She came over to play. She's brand-new, and kinda stupid. Puppies can be that way. I used to be stupid, too.

Jolene kept getting too close to my hip, which I didn't like. But she and The Boy became fast friends, and they played and played all over the back yard (but especially in the monkey grass), and The Alpha says she's going to come over again, so I might as well play, too.

I hope she doesn't get bigger than me. Because I won't like that one bit.

She went home all covered in The Boy's slobber. They played hard.


zorra said...

What a sweetheart! The next time she comes over, kiss her on the head for me.
i can tell by those paws, she IS going to get big.

gavin richardson said...

hard time imagining that you were stupid once.