Monday, February 05, 2007

Hic (hic) ups.

This afternoon I started in with some hiccups. I used to get those a lot when I was a puppy, but I hadn't had them in so long I kinda forgot what they were.

Just as I was getting used to having them again, The Alpha hollered, "CUB!!"

I looked up. What is it you want, dear Alpha? Is there a perimeter to patrol?

"Good girl!" he said. Because I am.

And then I noticed the hiccups weren't there anymore.

Darndest thing.


David said...

Dagny says hers are a result of being nervous (usually that her daddy is going to be upset with her or leave her).
Hope they stay away.

Molly said...

I tried to tell my mom something very important tonight, and I wrooed and wrooed, but she didn't get the message. All I wanted was more of her dinner. She pretended she didn't know what I wanted. Or something.
It's enough to give me the hiccups, too.

John said...

Have you considered becoming the Alpha yourself? It sounds like you live with highly irrational apedogs and could run the den better yourself.

DogBlogger said...

John, The Alpha asked me to let you know he likes the descriptor "highly irrational apedogs."
Also, I have decided not to challenge him for Alpha until I master The Doorknob Principle.

SpookyRach said...

hee hee!