Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sooo hungry!

Remember the thing about breakfast being delayed? Well, now it seems to be delayed all the time. The Alpha used to feed us before he left for work, but now we have to wait a little longer, until The Typist leaves for work. The Boy puts on his best so hungry look, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I think it has to do with one of my peanut-buttery pills that I get way early in the morning. Also, they quit giving me one of my other pills, but that's fine with me. Three is plenty. It's about as high as I can count, anyhow.

We do get fed, the same amount as before and everything. It's just later than it used to be, and this concerns The Boy very much. Me, I just take a nap while I wait.


Songbird said...

Molly is sleeping now, but if she were still up, she would tell you that she likes her meals right.on.time. Seriously.

zorra said...

Take a NAP!
How can you sleep when you're HUNGRY!

Well...come to think of it...I act hungry all the time, even when I've just finished eating, and I can't say I've missed much sleep lately.


gavin richardson said...

the owner is fasting.. so that means we fast, which stinks as i got out today and really worked up an appetite swimming and running with other dogs. just wake up the typist early and maybe she'll feed you at an honest hour -crimson

Sunny Dog said...

The Long-Eared Puppy that I live with can count to something that she calls "four". She says that it's the number of paws that I have.

Molly said...

Naps are always appropriate. I woke my mom up early the other day and had a little smackerel because my tummy was EMPTY! Then we all took a nap. Then I had second breakfast. It's all good.