Monday, February 12, 2007

They weren't looking... I danced around the living room with The Boy, while the thumb-havers were eating supper and couldn't go staring at us. I don't mind having observers when we play chase -- it's kinda neat to have a cheering section -- but with the dancey-wrestling-type stuff it's a little embarrassing when you get caught. So, we only do that when they're not looking.

Then, later, I took a nap on the couch while The Boy took a nap on the floor and The Alpha watched the flickering box and The Typist played with her sticks and yarn. I had a really great dream-chase. I think they know, somehow, because they were looking at me with the whole isn't she cute expression. Well, I am cute, so that's fine with me.


gavin richardson said...

we had a couple of times that we got to howl at sirens and bark at dogs that got to run the neighborhood. it was a good day here. mom and dad are playing on those L shaped things (dad gets pissed that i might drool on his). shalom, -crimson

John Wesley said...

Dear and Gentle Reader,

Pardon my intrusion, but I would most like to invite you to visit my humble journal, as I start my tenure upon this continent. I have been elucidated by your musings and wish to make the acquaintance of the Typist whist in the Americas.

There seems to be items designated as "treats" which those of the canine persuasion are fond. Perhaps I can obtain a quantity of these treats for you.

Please tell the typist that I am most curious about the manner in which clergy conduct themselves in the colonies, as I am a newly arrived pastor and do not wish to offend the faithful and the savages. So prithee hense to my journal and let us hold each other accountable in our mutual love of Christ.

I remain God's most humble servant,

John Wesley

Molly said...

I run in my sleep a lot. My Papa Bear thinks it's funny, but sometimes my mom is worried I'm having a fit or something!!
She is a worrywart.

zorra said...

I love to dance when dad says it's time for a walk! Mom and dad laugh and dance with me--then they pet me and hug me and tell me I'm cute. It's nice to know that after all these years, I've still got it.


DogBlogger said...

Hey Crimson -- The Boy likes to howl at sirens, too. Me, I just bark.

Hi John Wesley! Glad you came by! (where are those treats?)

Molly, I'm told that when I have fits, my eyes stay open, so they never worry about my closed-eye twitchings.

And Amie, heelers are very good dancers, so I'm sure you look great! The Boy dances well even when he just uses two of his legs.

John Wesley said...

I should like to offer my most humble salutations and felicitations on this festal day of St. Valentine. I have the highest regard for our community, the “Methoblog” and wish we could make acquaintance under more auspicious circumstances as I am sure that these acquaintances may yet become a valuable and enriching friendship as we exhort and instruct each other to be conformed in the image of Christ.

I remain God’s most humble servant,

John Wesley

revabi said...

Happy Valentine's day! hope they got you somehthing special