Monday, January 29, 2007

This Thing that's Not for Dogs

The Typist is helping get some people together at some place, for some thing, and I'm probably not going. I think it would be of very little interest to dogs, unless there's time scheduled for belly rubs.

It's in May, in Fayetteville. I like Fayetteville, but I haven't been there in a long time. Last time I went, The Alpha let me chase squirrels around this place he called college.


revabi said...

You really won't miss this thing that's not for dogs. But I think you'll miss the squirrels.

gavin richardson said...

erin and i are looking at going. it helps that we can go hang with my sister and family in rogers afterwards.

SpookyRach said...

It sounds kinda interesting. I just got back from a week of training where we spent a lot of time on management differences between x/y and baby boomers. Pretty cool stuff, even for dogs!