Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Too busy for blogging?!?

Apparently, The Typist has other things on her mind this week. Work, and stuff, and looking at college essays for human kids, and knitting. And stuff. There are even dog pictures waiting to be loaded off the camera, but she hasn't done it.

So, a quick run-down: The Typist has been back in town so long we've forgotten she ever left; Been getting nice regular walks; I gave in and started chewing on my fake bone; The Alpha built a new dog door for the winter weather; The Boy accidentally got shut out of the bedroom last night (and I wasn't going to tell them either, so he finally spoke up about it); and The Boy seems to be interested in learning to climb ladders, with encouragement from The Alpha. (Don't encourage him, says The Typist. But nobody listens.)


revabi said...

Poor typist. But so glad you let us know how things are at your house. I hope things slow down so she can blog.

Molly said...

Our mom has a new job, and we have hardly seen her. But she did bring home PIZZA!! Wroo-wroo!!!

St.Phransus said...

whad up dog? glad things are going well with the typist. look out for "The Boys". We have one in our house along with a very mobile "Girl". They wreak havoc when they are together. I hope all is well.

zorra said...

Hey Cub, Mom says she's glad your mom had fun in Myrtle Beach and hopes things settle down for her soon.
Climbing ladders? That sounds like something my sister Zorra would have done, before her hips got bad. When she was young she was way more hyper than I've ever been. I'd rather just lie right next to Mom while she's sitting on the floor typing, and put my head on her leg. She seems to like that a lot.

Have a fun Saturday before the bad weather comes back on Sunday and we are all cooped up in the house!